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The Connecticut CE Provider Handbook states that self-study CE examinations must be proctored by an approved disinterested third-party. A disinterested third party is a person who is not in the direct line of supervision of, nor has any financial interest in the success of, the person taking the examination. The proctoring process must ensure that the examination is completed by the student on a closed-book basis without assistance. The proctor must be physically present as the student takes the exam.

Connecticut self study exams are untimed and Connecticut allows retakes for people who fail to achieve the 70% correct rate required to pass.

Upon completion of any exam, both the Student and Proctor will sign an affidavit under penalties of perjury, indicating that they have complied with these requirements.

Our prices include all credit reporting fees. We normally report credits within 10 days of exam completion. Contact us if you need quicker reporting.