Reinventing American Health Care by Ezekiel Emanuel (Mass course #C20083, 14 credits)





Written by Obamacare insider and principal author of the ACA, Ezekiel Emanuel, this book is subtitled ‘How the Affordable Care Act will improve our terribly complex, blatantly unjust, outrageously expensive, grossly inefficient, error prone system’.

Read it from or listen to it on

The exam for this course consists of 3 separate parts. You must complete them in order.

  • Quiz Part 1 with 8 questions, addresses the first half of the text. Answer 6 correctly to proceed to Part 2. Retakes available. Re-read the 1st half of the book to help.
  • Quiz Part 2, also 8 questions, focuses on the second half of the book. Answer 6 correctly to take the Final Exam. Retakes available. Re-read the 2nd half of the book to help.
  • The Final Exam has 75 questions. You must answer 53 correctly to pass. Retakes available.

You will see each Quiz and then the Final Exam in the dropdown My Dashboard / My Online Courses after you purchase this course.